Frequently Asked Questions


What are pills?

Pills are encapsulated text fragments, containing a short piece of information that will add up to your vocabulary.

What are tickets?

Tickets are the in-game currency. Use your tickets to unlock new categories, expand your favorites capacity and unlock other cool features to be added in the future.

How can I earn tickets?

There are many ways to earn tickets, the easiest is watching rewarded videos. But just use the app regularly and I

What is reputation?

It’s a way to identify loyal users who contribute to the community. Users with higher reputation will be able to report “inappropriate” posts and other benefits to be added soon.

How can I earn reputation?

By posting useful content in the public sections of the app, and having as many “cool” ratings as you can get.

What is ESL?

ESL stands for English as a Second Language, where you study English without using translation, the same way native speakers do.

Why do I have to consume pills randomly?

In the traditional methods the learner normally is aware of what information is coming next, where English Pills offers a different approach – you are given some random information and invited to understand its context and react to it, just as it happens in real life.

What if I don’t understand the content in a pill?

No problem! Each pill has a cumulative effect, so every time you consume it you get closer to fully comprehending it. You can also learn a lot about each pill by visiting the comments area or going through a web search using the built-in browser.

How much should I use English Pills to feel its benefits?

Only 5 daily minutes could be enough for you to feel the long-term benefits, the most important is to keep going consistently. Using English Pills every day will help you remember the information you learn more easily, so you are more likely to use it (correctly) in conversation.

What happens when I sign in using my Facebook credentials?

Besides having a greatly improved experience and being able to interact with other users in the public sections in the app, not much. To learn more check out our privacy policy.


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Francesc Rodero

    I don’t know the ressonància, but this new update stops the app inventor you do the quiz to earn pills.
    The previous version didn’t do that


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